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New Features New Features - Guidelines 2015

Our new products address a range of suggestions provided by our users. These new features makes SmartMan easier to use, take aslmost no time to prepare for a class and provide a number of new features for the trainer. Below are a couple of highlights. Find out more about the new menus, new buttons and the trainer section click here

New Features in 2015 Products


We've made it quick to access the activities. You can set up SmartMan and be running without any preparation. Also if you want to organize results into class folders, it takes only a couple of seconds. Once you are in an activity the next student hits Restart and then the large Green Start Button.

Download Fast Access pdf
Play or Download Video mp4 | Open Video in Browser (Fast Access Login with Practice Session)
Play or Download Video mp4 | Open Video in Browser (Fast Access Create a Login)
Play or Download Video mp4 | Open Video in Browser (Fast Access For Student To Do Activities)
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We also added a range of new features to help out during training. For example there are:
  • Click a button to active the Metronome that allows you to select the rate
  • A single click to turn the feedback on or off
  • Display a real time graph of Hands-Off and perfusion
  • Document: Download New Features pdf
    Metronome: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
    Feedback On/Off: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
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    SIMS for CPR

    SmartMan now has sophisticated simulations that respond on-the-fly to how well skills are being performed. These enhance your training and give you an idea of how the actual performance of skills would help a patient. We know that survival corresponds to time on chest and how well chest compressions are performed. Besides reporting fraction, there is now a hands-off graph which displays in real time how the skills would influence perfusion.

  • SIM for Learning Ventilations: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
  • SIM for Health Status: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
  • SIM for Time Off The Chest: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
  • Document: Download SIMS for CPR PDF


    There are a whole range of new tools designed to help the trainer. Besides the buttons to display students in a class and to view all results which are at the login menu, there is now a special window for the Trainer. This is called Trainer Tools. For example from here you can:
  • Work with logins and results WITHOUT being connected to the manikin
  • Copy a list of student names from Word and put them into a class
  • Create student lists and charts
  • Create a zip file of the results and automatically email them
  • See Trainer Tools Menu: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
    See Using a Large List to Make Logins: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4
    See Using One Generic Login then viewing all results and making a chart: Open Video in Browser | Video mp4


    With the focus on the quality of CPR skills, an occasional refresher course is often not sufficient to maintain everyone's CPR skills at a high level. SmartMan has a Refresher Station where individuals can practice skills periodically without the need for a full trainer. 5-10 minutes every couple of months and you know that skills are tops. You set the achievement target level. You can control when to send results and how often. It is great for at a distance oversight of hands-on skills.
  • Students have their own login
  • Easy and quick to hone skills
  • Send results to central place
  • Download Skills Refresher Station PDF